Vi kom i god tid…

Nu har jag och änkegrannen sett Jonas LIVE från Metropolitan tillsammans med, fick vi höra i pausen, mer än en miljon andra bara i Tyskland och Österrike När jag kom hem var det fullt ös på JK:s Facebooksida där man överbjöd varandra i att berömma föreställningen:

EX Christina Svensson :

”Thank you for the evening! – for your outstanding performance of Werther tonight at the Met. You are truly unique! My friends and I agreed, this was one of the best shows we’ve ever experienced.

We saw the performance, HD in Vasteras, Sweden and we are most grateful for the opportunity to enjoy good music this way. I’m grateful, thank you.”

Roswitha Taucher,  Graz

Just back from cinema. Wow, 1mio tickets sold only in Austria and Germany! It was such a great performance. I’m lost for words. Each single person just perfect. Of course, today’s technics give us perfect sounds and pictures. But Mr. Kaufmann is an artist who manages to transport all those emotions even that way. Thank you Jonas Kaufmann, I wish you a safe return to Europe. 

 Quel bonheur cet après-midi. Un si romantique et déchirant Opera! Moi qui adore le 19ie siècle j’ai été comblée. Jonas vous êtes un superbe acteur tellement intense et votre superbe voix remue en moi tant de sentiments. J’ai adoré cet opera j’étais tellement heureuse de vous voir en grande forme !! Maintenant je vous attend à Montreal n’oubliez-pas !!Merci de tout mon coeur !!


 An amazing performance!!! I’m still crying!!! Totally unforgettable. Thank you again… Muchas gracias from Uruguay.

Je ne croyais simplement pas possible que votre Werther de la Bastille soit seulement égalé ! Eh bien si ,égalé et méme dépassé ? Comment est ce possible ! Un werther UNIQUE ,historique qui surpasse ,de loin ,tous les Werther du passé ,méme les plus grands ! Sublimissime ;bouleversant !Merveilleux ,fabuleux ; C’EST LE ROLE DE VOTRE VIE !Werther ,c’est vous !

Jag kan bara instämma! 

Jag har ju läst om Jonas’ prestationer på nätet och lyssnat på YouTube


En HD liveutsändning ger en helt annan totalupplevelse,

kompletterat med intervjuer i mellanakten… 

Vi har redan börjat reservera tid för nästa utsändning den 24 juni :

Manon Lescaut  i London

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  1. Uppstigen ur paulunen kollar jag Jonas´Facebook – kommentarerna från gårdagens miljoner medtittare och-lyssnare finner jag de här kommentarerna
    ”Dear Jonas:
    There are moments in life in wich there are no words to explain how they feel the heart and soul, only the tears that spring from the deepest with every word, every nuance, every moment of your performance could explain. A sublime experience that made my life was not the same after. You make dreams come true!
    I share your feeling of happiness for the success Werther’season!
    Congratulations to you, the entire cast and conductor Alain Altinoglu. It will be memorable forever!! BRAVOOOO”

    Sitting way up near the top of the house at the Met this afternoon, I was surprised to find that there were a number of occasions when I simply had to close my eyes and listen. What my ears were hearing was so sublime and intimate that it seemed to me as though all my other senses were merely a distraction. Mr. Kaufmann is capable, I realized, of creating an entirely real and sensory world with just his voice (and help today from the gorgeous Met orchestra). And he somehow manages to make a deeply personal connection to every ear and heart. It continues to astonish me. It is the stuff legends are made of. What a dazzling time in his career!! What a fabulous afternoon at the opera!
    och det kommer hela tiden mera från hans mer än 65 000 gillare

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