Moby Dick:4 ss163-197


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Chapter 36           The Quarter-Dec  Ahab uppviglar genom ett tal besättningen  att

urskiljninglöst  lova att endast  söka och jaga den vita valen =

Moby Dick

Chapter 37            Sunset   Eftertankens kranka blekhet hos besättningen under olika


Chapter 38            Dusk                                                           ”

Chapter 39             First Night- Watch                                     ”

Chapter 40             Forecastle (=skans)                                     ”

Chapter 41             Moby Dick

  ” I, Ishmael, was  one of that crew; my shouts had gone up with the rest;  my oath had been welded with theirs; and stronger I shouted, and more did I hammer and clinch my oath, because of the dread in my soul. A wild mystical sympathetical feeling was in me; Ahabs quenchless  (osläckliga) feud (fejd) seemed mine. With greedy ears I learned the history of that murderous monster again whom I and the others had taken our oaths of violence and revenge”


          Hur ska det gå till?

Chapter 42

        The Whiteness of the whale

 What is it that in the Albino man  so peculiatry repels and often shocks the eye, as sometimes he is loathed by his own kith and kin! It is that whiteness which invests him, a thing expressed by the name he bears. The Albino is as well made as other men – has no substantive deformity-and yet this mere aspect of all-pervading whiteness makes him more strangely hideous than the ugliest abortion. Why should this be so?


 ett filosofiskt kapitel! 

Över åtta sidor spekuleras över vår fasa för vithet:

EX  Nor, in quite other aspects, does Nature in her least palpable but not the less malicious agencies, fail to enlist among her forces this crowning attribute of the terrible. from its snowy aspect, the gauntleted ghost of the Southern Seas has been denominated the White Sqall (skrikhals) Nor, in some historic instances, has the art of human malice omitted so potent an auxiliary. How wildly it heightens the effect of that passage in Froissart, when masked in the snowy symbol of their faction, the desperate  White Hoods of the Ghent murder their bailiff in the marketplace.


 Jean Froissart (c. 1337 – c. 1405), often referred to in English as John Froissart, was a medieval French chronicle writer. For centuries, Froissart’s Chronicles have been recognized as the chief expression of the chivalric revival of the 14th century Kingdom of England and France. His history is also an important source for the first half of the Hundred Years’ War.

 där man bl.a. kan läsa


 Avslutas  fem sidor senare:

And of all these things the Albino Whale was the symbol

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